Super Glue

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Super Glue is a potent strain, and has a whopping average THC level of 28%. If you’re not careful with a strain like Super Glue, you’ll be stuck to the couch like glue thanks to its heavily sedating effects. Besides that, this strain has a spicy and citrusy flavor profile, for an ultra earthy and refreshing smoke.

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With the ability to offer a high that can melt away tension and release anxieties, Super Glue is one of those buds that is worth getting to know! We love a well-balanced hybrid, and today we are going to be reviewing one of our favorites from the marijuana market.

If you are looking for a hybrid bud that can offer a delicious taste explosion while providing a pretty potent high that will see you feeling stress-free within minutes, then this is the bud for you. Stick around to find out what this flower has to offer if you are looking for medicinal benefits, and the high you can expect if you’re looking for a good time.

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